Your Journey to High School Starts Here!

Exploring the High School Directory

Head over to the High School Directory to see what schools NYC has to offer to start determining your child's 12 choices. 

Reminders on things to consider when looking at schools and their programs:

  • Use all available filters, especially the borough filter 
  • Where the school is located, its schedule, size, etc.
  • How many programs are offered (ex: if a school offers 3 programs, you can apply to them and it will count for 3 spots on your application)
  • Their "performance" percentages- avg. students who graduate, attendance rate, safety, rigorous instruction, etc.
  • "Screened" admissions- this means that there is a supplemental piece that goes with their application- whether it be an audition, portfolio pieces, a test, writing sample, interview, etc. Check out the school's website for additional information.
  • "Admissions priority"- this is important to look at to see where the students admitted are coming from (ex: if they are only accepting people from the Bronx but you live in Manhattan; a school is only accepting from District 2 but we are in District 4)
  • "Admissions per seat"- take note that the number is different for students in general education vs. students with IEPs- these numbers are how many students were accepted compared to the number of students that applied (ex: 15 means for every 15 students that apply, 1 student get accepted)

Small Groups

Your child's group leader will be reaching out with a meeting time and code- group leaders will meet with your child once a week and with families every other week. Contact Ms. Jubetsy or Ms. Emily with any questions.

Ms. Emily - TURQUOISE (emily@globalkids.org)

Ms. Alvarado – GOLD (mmartin20@schools.nyc.gov)

Ms. Jaki – PURPLE (jgeorge25@schools.nyc.gov)

Ms. Jubetsy - ORANGE (jminaya@schools.nyc.gov)

Mr. Bisogno – BLUE (vbisogno@schools.nyc.gov)

Ms. Armenti – RED  (aarmenti@schools.nyc.gov)

Ms. Arce – PINK  (sarce3@schools.nyc.gov)

Ms. Olivia – GREEN  (olivia.gregorius@globalkids.org)

Ms. Iza - YELLOW (iza@globalkids.org)

Mr. Hernan - NAVY (hernan@globalkids.org)

Mr. King - BLACK (mking38@schools.nyc.gov)