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  • Hallow-EEK - Magic Monday

    Welcome to Hallow-EEK 2021! 

    Today’s Theme: Magic Monday! Wear your most whimsical wizardly wardrobe or come dressed as your favorite and most magical characters!


    PS/MS 96 M
  • Hallow-EEK - Time Machine Tuesday

    Today's Theme: Time Machine Tuesday: Pick a well-known blast from the past decade theme such as 1920s flappers, 1950s greasers, 1960s hippies or the totally radical, big-haired 1980s! Come to school dressed in costumes from the chosen era.

    PS/MS 96 M
  • Hallow-EEK - Wacky Wednesday

    Today's Theme: Wacky Tacky Wednesday: On Wacky Tacky Day, wear an outrageous outfit with as many colors as possible. The key is to be as wacky and tacky as possible and few things you can do are as crazy as wearing every piece of clothing in a different color. Even put on two different shoes!

    PS/MS 96 M
  • Hallow-EEK - Tailgate Thursday

    Today's Theme: Tailgate Thursday: Rep your favorite Sports Team by wearing their jerseys, t-shirts, hats, or any sports gear!

    PS/MS 96 M
  • Hallow-EEK - Costume Day

    Today's Theme: Costume Day: Wear your costume to school! Remember: no weapons, inappropriate outfits or face paint

    PS/MS 96 M
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